Monday, 3 October 2016

Photos: Fans make fun of Kim Kardashain after being robbed at gunpoint

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According to reports, Kim Kardashian was robbed at gun point in the early hours of this morning at 3am by masked men at the luxury apartment she was staying in, Paris where she had been attending Fashion Week.

It is being reported that 5 masked men pretending to be policemen held the reality star at gunpoint, ties her up and locked her up in a bathroom, before making away with millions of dollars of jewellery.

Her rapper hubby, Kanye Wes who was performing at the Meadows Festival in New York at the time, abruptly ended a performance in New York less than an hour into his set, as news of the robbery spread.

Video footage shows him telling the audience,

I’m sorry I have a family emergency, I have to stop the show.
Kanye the moment he heard Kim Kardashian was being held at gunpoint by armed men inside her hotel room in Paris

Kim’s publicist says she is physically unharmed but badly shaken by the incident and the reality star is said to be on her way back to America.

Twitter reactions to Kim’s robbery has been mixed, with some saying its a PR stunt by media savvy Kim. Check them out after the jump
Surprised Kim Kardashian didn't snapchat the whole thing.
Kim Kardashian allegedly gets held up at gunpoint trends in an hour. Black man shot & killed, "We Need all the evidence first"
Me trying to figure out how to blame Taylor Swift for Kim Kardashian being robbed at gun point
Kim Kardashian was held at gunpoint today? I guess someone was keeping up with the Kardashians
The film crew for  while Kim Kardashian was being held at gunpoint
What happend to Kim Kardashian happens everyday to "normal"ppl. It's not funny then, it's not funny now.
I don't feel sorry for Kim Kardashian honestly she's probably insured all that anyway 
"Ryan Lochte Imma let you finish but Kim Kardashian was one of the greatest robbery victims of all time"
Lol @ Kim Kardashian being robbed the moose. Glad it's happened to her, hope it brings her back down to reality the whopper
Kim Kardashian held at gunpoint gets worldwide press. People dying everyday due to war gets nothing. Our fault for being celebrity obsessed.
Don't feel sorry for Kim Kardashian. If you flaunt it and shove it in people's faces then what do you expect? 
Kim Kardashian is a mother, a wife, daughter and sister. Despite the fact that you don't like her, being held up at gun point is not funny.

Just because Kim Kardashian's rich doesn't mean its funny that she got robbed. Would it be funny if it was your sister? or your mother?
If you're laughing at Kim Kardashian being held at gunpoint just because she's Kim Kardashian we've all learned VOLUMES about your character

Whether you like Kim Kardashian or absolutely hate her, nobody deserves to be held at gunpoint. Dont forget she's a mother, a wife, a sister

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