Friday, 26 August 2016

IMO | Ex-Militants Storm Government Bureau, Destroy Buildings

IMO | Ex-Militants Storm Government Bureau, Destroy Buildings
Ex militants in Imo State under the am­nesty programme of the Federal Govern­ment on Wednesday went wild, attacking the secretariat of the Bureau for Niger Delta along Okigwe Road, Owerri.

According to an eye­witness who narrated the incident, the ex mili­tants stormed the office of the Special Adviser to Governor Rochas Okoro­cha on Bureau for Niger Delta Affairs, Hon Justus Ojika, at about 5pm con­veyed in two buses and went straight inside the premises, shooting spo­radically.

The agitators who were numbered over 20 de­stroyed the buildings of the secretariat with their automatic weapons but spared the security guard on duty who was the only person around when the attack was launched.

When contacted, the ex-militant leader who led the attack, Bobby Uzoma Chukwuka, on behalf of his gang claimed responsibility for the attack. He further alleged that largese given to Ojika for his men for transpor­tation by the Special Ad­viser to the President on Niger Delta Affairs and Amnesty Programme, Brig Paul Boro (rtd) was diverted by the aide.

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