Friday, 29 January 2016

Rihanna's album ANTI reaches 1 million free downloads in 14 hours

Hitting the high notes: Rihanna's new album reached 1 million downloads in 14 hours after giving her new album ANTI away for free via collaboration with Samsung and Tidal on Wednesday

Rihanna decided to give away her album for free after it was leaked by streaming service Tidal.

The 27-year-old singer gave away new record ANTI 1 million times in just 14 hours via Samsung and Tidal on Wednesday and Thursday.

Fans had the opportunity to receive the album for free after a tweet from the Diamonds hit maker included a promo code.

Posting a picture of ANTI's now well-known artwork, the singer announced the move to her fans (the navy), writing: 'A gift to my navy! #ANTI is available right now!!!'

The promotion is now over after hitting the mark but ANTI can still be downloaded through the streaming service.

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