Saturday, 16 January 2016

An Accident I witnessed this evening at East West Road, PH

I have been MIA today because I went somewhere that was impossible for me to get access to network, so on my back around 6:40 PM, I witnessed what I have never seen in my life before, I have seen cars being crushed on the road but never knew how it happened.

The East West Road in Port Harcourt is dualized and a very busy road, remember I was coming back
from where I went to, since i was with my Nephew I had to wait till the road was less busy before crossing. I crossed to the pavement in the middle of the road with my little nephew and waited for some seconds for the second lane to be clear before crossing, the road was now clear so I crossed.

Immediatey i crossed the road and was about stepping into my street, i heard this loud squashing sound, i turned and saw a trailer (the ones that carry containers) on full speed, just as i was thinking his tyres got busted, i saw a crushed taxi flung in front of a moving Tipper which brought it to a halt.

The trailer driver din't halt or make attempt to, he kept going in same speed  as people rushed to the scene of the accident.

The driver of the Taxi was severely injured but no life was lost... Thank God

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