Monday, 26 October 2015

Fishermen Save Toddler From Drowning

A toddler is brought back to life after being plucked from the water
A Syrian toddler has been plucked out of the sea and resuscitated after he and the group of refugees he was with got into difficulty off the coast of Turkey.

Video footage shot by a Turkish fisherman caught the moment the 18-month-old was rescued and turned upside down to get water out of his airways.

The youngster was wearing a life jacket but had ended up floating with his face submerged in the Aegean Sea.

Other refugees are seen in the water shortly before trying to alert the fishing boat's crew to their plight. It is thought their boat had capsized.

The captain of the vessel that rescued the boy said when he was pulled from the water, he was cold and pale and his limbs had gone white.

He initially thought the youngster, named as Muhammad Hasan, was dead.

It was only when the boy started making noises that he realised he could be saved and a crewman desperately tried to administer first aid.

The captain Recep Evran told the newspaper Hurriyet: "He was all pale. We suspected hypothermia as he was cold and his hands and feet were all white. He was also frothing at the mouth.

"We covered the baby with a blanket, tried to rescue him. After our call, a tow boat from the harbour arrived to help us before taking the baby to Kusadasi."

Muhammad was taken to hospital in the western coastal town of Kusadasi before being transferred to Izmir where he is now reported to be in good health.

The boy's mother, who was later filmed hugging her son, told the captain: "You both gave him a second life. We are grateful to you. May God bless you."

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