Thursday, 16 October 2014

Wife tells how husband uses her househelps as sex machines

A couple seeking for divorce caused a dramatic scene at a Lagos court, exposing each others secret.
Mr Femi Ajayi and his wife, Modupe have been married for 12 years, while Mr. Femi accused his wife of being disrecpectful and does things without his consent, Modupe said he is a womanizer that sleeps with her househelps and run after anything on skirt. She went as far as not having s*x with him since september 2013 saying she gets infection each time she have s*x with him.

Mr Ajayi said:
“She is so full of herself and does not have respect for me despite all I have done for her, I bought her four cars within our 12 years of marriage, yet she does not have regard for me.

“She does thing without telling me; she travelled out of Nigeria without my consent”.

Mrs Ajayi on the other hand told the court that her husband is a serial womanizer:

“My husband runs after anything in skirt; I caught him making love to my best friend in her house.

“I refused to employ any house help again as he has turned them into sex machines,”

She said that she stopped having sex with her husband since September 2013 because she always had infection days after he made love to her.

“I stopped making love to him and I stopped washing his clothes when I discovered I always see and smell sperm on his boxers,”

The Court President, Mr R.I Adeyeri, was however able to bring the warring couple back together and he urged them to keep the peace.

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