Monday, 20 October 2014

Rundown of second #BBAHotshots Eviction show

The unexpected happened at the yesterday's eviction show when the Twerk Queen Lilian and Esther were evicted. It came as a big shock to me cos I never thought any of them will be going home soon.
When IK asked how the two evicted housemates felt about their eviction, They said they were shocked, they didn't see it coming.
For crying out loud they were entertaining... but Africa made their choice anyway.

As if the two evicted housemates were not enough, Biggie still went ahead to evict Sabina from the house. When I saw that, I was a bit disappionted, five housemates gone already, and all females.

When IK asked Sabina how she felt, she expressed the same shock as the previously evicted housemates and went on to say she didn't believe this is real and thinks there is a second house for the evicted housemates but IK clarify her, telling her it is real and there is no second house.

And with five females gone already, which kept Idris crying all through the evening, lets watch out and see what the house is is gonna look like this week with Lilian, Esther and Sabina gone.

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