Friday, 17 October 2014

My marriage not anybody’s business – Monalisa

A few weeks ago, it was rumoured that Nollywood actress, Monalisa 
Chinda, had started making moves to reunite with her former husband, 
Dejo Richards. The story was that, following pressures from her 
friends, relations and close associates, she had decided to end her 
relationship with a wealthy socialite and reconcile with her ex. But 
the actress has denied ever making such moves, in an interview with 
our correspondent. Annoyed by the intensity of the false rumours about 
her that are currently making the rounds, she says, "I heard the 
rumour and couldn't help but laugh, as usual. Around here, we just 
write anything whenever truly confirmed stories are not readily 
available. Whatever I do with my private life is my business. But 
people are free to speculate as it is part of the business." If 
anything, Monalisa appears determined to prove that she has put the 
past behind her and moved on with her life by 
getting quite busy. At the moment, she is involved in a number of 
projects. One of them is a new TV talk show that may hit the airwaves 
any time soon. Titled You and I, the show will be hosted by the 
actress herself. It is targeted at the upwardly mobile and designed to 
address trending social issues in the most refreshing manner ever 
seen. Just recently, she was the centre of attraction during the 
official screening of a green film titled Yellow Cassava at the 11th 
Abuja International Film Festival in the Federal Capital Territory. 
Monalisa acted the lead role in the movie. Away in a farm settlement 
situated in a remote part of the country, without regular electricity 
supply, potable water and the 
glamorous life style that she is used to, she played the part of a 
beautiful and passionate social worker named Veronica Peters, whose 
ambition to make a lasting impact on the lives of the rural folk 
outweighs her commitment to her dashing lover, Daniel (Chidi Mokeme). 
To move forward, she has to make a crucial decision, which involves 
choosing between her 
relationship to Daniel and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part 
of a novel agricultural project that is guaranteed to make a 
difference in the lives of the people. Reflecting on her performance 
in the movie, which was produced by Zeb Ejiro, the actress says, "I 
found that particular script pretty unique 
because of the original twists behind the story. I'm always intrigued 
by beautiful, unconventional scripts and this greatly influences my 
choice most of the time." In addition to hosting You and I regularly 
on television, she is 
planning to return her annual benefit dance concert, Dance for Life to 
the stage as soon as possible. "While we deliver world-class 
entertainment content through dance, the primary aim is to channel the 
proceeds towards helping the under-privileged in our society. The next 
edition is one of the projects we are currently working on," she says.

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