Thursday, 30 October 2014

22-Year Old Girl Kills Man In His 40’s Who Tried To Rape Her In Her Uncle's Lekki Home

A 22-year old girl who lives with her Uncle and younger brother in Lekki has been detained for killing a man believed to be in his 40’s for trying to rape her in her uncle’s home. The girl, who was on her menstrual period, went out to buy sanitary pads before the man accosted her, pretended he had a weapon and threatened to kill her if she does not obey what he tells her. So sacred she was that she listened to him, and he ordered her to take him to her home. On getting there, he asked her to remove her clothes and as he was about removing his she begged that she had something on fire. The man allowed her go into the kitchen and she came back with a rod she hid under her cloth. As he was about wearing a condom, she hit the rod on his head and he died instantly.

She quickly made a call to her uncle who informed the police immediately. The police confirmed the incident and said they actually found a pack of condom on him, but didn’t let the girl go.

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